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the best brushes are an extension of the artist

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Watercolors from historic to modern

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“Know your materials, Inspire your world”

The supplies you choose for your art are important…

They’re the materials you transform into visual expressions of your ideas and emotions. They’re what your art is made of.

As an artist, you need supplies that handle and perform how you want them to. Supplies that are enjoyable to work with. Supplies that will make your art look good for a lifetime or longer.

That’s why Muse carefully selects and stocks supplies to give you the best range of options for the art you make — from high-quality international brands to exceptional products made by U.S. artisans to items we order specifically for your individual needs.

As artists ourselves, we can help you with advice and recommendations so you can select the supplies that work best for you.  Muse Art and Design is the best resource in the Portland area for artists who care about the materials they use to make art.

Muse is open tuesday through sunday:

tuesday – friday:  9:30am to 6:30pm
saturday – sunday: 11am to 6 pm


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